T.I. Helps Rescue Fan From Car Wreck

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BMI 2014 Super Producers Beat Summit T.I. is having an eventful trip in Los Angeles. After getting into a heated standoff with the LAPD at the Supperclub, T.I. was a hero when he helped rescue a woman from her SUV after she was involved in a car accident. The funny part about it is the woman was more concerned with meeting T.I. than being liberated from the overturned truck.

Tip says he was driving to get some Popeye’s in Inglewood when he saw a bad car accident. A cab slammed into the rear of a truck. The impact from the crash sent the truck tipping over onto its side. Tip got put of his car and approached the overturned vehicle and the woman saw him and said, “Is that T.I.?”

The “Family Hustle” star stayed with the woman until EMTs came. When they got there, he went on about his business. Yes, T.I. did go to…

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