Some High School Students Skip Lunch for More Class Time

Black America Web

Some high school students are skipping lunch period to pack in something else — another academic class.

Reports show:

“Most often these students want to take an additional honors or AP course, or an elective like a foreign language, band or choir,” Jim Szczepaniak, a community relations director at Niles Township High Schools District 219 in Skokie, Ill., said in an email.

District 219 allows high school students, with parental consent, to forgo lunch to take another class. The school day includes nine 42-minute periods, one of which is usually used for lunch.

At least a handful of school districts around the country allow students to skip lunch to take a class for credit. Relatively few students in District 219 take advantage of the option.

Only about 300 of 4,800 high school students in District 219 don’t take a lunch, Szczepaniak says.

Advocates of school lunch say that students who…

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