Spending To Be A Rapper VS Investing In Your Rap Career

Wendy Day

By, Tony Guidry (@IamThaConnect)

Last week I said that I’d give alternate suggestions to buying features and explain the “philosophy” behind major labels providing signed artists with features.

Let me start by saying that any major label – any mid-major with major label distribution – will spend upwards of a million dollars on the promotion and marketing of an artist’s single. Additional money will be spent on the promo/mktg of the artist’s album. A major label will often “hedge” it’s bet and stack the deck by adding a hot artist to a new artist’s song to bolster the already hefty budget behind the song.

The logic of adding a feature is lost on most indie labels and aspiring artists. They fall victim to the belief that “star power” makes these songs with features into hits – so they want to buy a feature – a verse – a hook from…

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