Does Kim Know How to Make Kanye the Best Man He Can Be?

Black America Web

He’s such an easy target.

Kanye West might as well have a sign on his back that says “provoke me and get paid.”

It can’t be easy being him. I’m not defending his actions, but every one knows he’s a young, rich, hot-headed male that TMZ and the tabloids love to hate.

The latest, as of this posting anyway, is his run in with a dude at the chiropractor’s office. As Kim Kardashianwas entering the office, the guy holding the door for her allegedly used the N-word, referring to the paparazzi.  When she told him that word was inappropriate, he allegedly screamed at her “shut up, N -word lover, stupid slut.”

The story says Kanye arrived a short time later, ran up to the guy and punched him.

If this account is true, Kanye didn’t actually see or hear the encounter between Kim and the dude, which probably means…

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