Dj J Watts Introduce Triple T University “Welcome To The League 2k12 Vol. 3”

South Carolina— Its getting hot in South Carolina as Dj J Watts turns the heat up on the non-believers. Just today he had a meeting with his team on his vision for the next mixtape that will be coming out of The Movement Music Group on August 5th, 2012.

Dj J Watts stated: “Everything I invest my time in is special. This mixtape is being sponsor by Triple T Entertainment from Darlington, SC. They are coming in as my first official investor which is big, but at the same time it is serious business. The goal for this mixtape is to brand their entertainment business to the world, and we are on track to do that. With that being said, the title of the tape is called, Triple T University “Welcome To The League 2k12 vol. 3”.

The theme of the mixtape is a college Disc Jockey going back to school from grinding in the music industry from the summer of 2k12. I want the fans and potential clients to put there minds and thoughts on the same level to  relate to this mixtape from the songs that were chosen for this masterpiece, down to the words that is being use to express how important it is to stay focus to carry out the dream that this Disco Jockey want to do through out this mix that would bring this tape alive to the point that this project turn from a mix tape into an album. There is a lot of doubter and non-believers, without them, I would not be able to carry out something on this level, but I been doing this since I been 17 years old and my love for craft has gotten stronger to the point that I want to show the world my vision through my work and through the up and coming projects that will be coming from The Movement Music Group in the future.

Credits: Producer- Hot Hands/Chicken George (Florence, SC)

Graphic Design– Demetrius Davis (Florence, SC)

*****************Official TrackList***************************

1)chiddy bang– here we go (intro)
2) Lou kang – I got it
3) dricky graham – snap back & tattoos
4) wale- bag of money
5) kanye west- mercy
6) jadakiss- count it
7) future- long live the pimp
8) future- homicide
9) Nikki manji- bee in the trap
10) stunt- stilo
11) Dj drama– we in this bitch
12) usher- let me see it
13) Jim jones– don’t judge me
14) lil boosie- jealousy
15) jadakiss- paper tags
16) meek millz- burn
17) Ti- love this life
18) Vic- TWERK it
19) tyga- faded
20) the great- Carolina magic

About Dj J Watts & The Movement Music Group

Dj J Watts The Kid From The Carolina Putting On For The Carolinas
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2 Responses to Dj J Watts Introduce Triple T University “Welcome To The League 2k12 Vol. 3”

  1. LaToya says:

    Salute to you and your brand. As a member of Triple T Entertainment I would like to say thank
    you to everyone that is supporting us and a HUGE thanks to DJ Watts!!!!!

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